Mobile suite Gundam Unicorn

Title: Mobile suite Gundam Unicorn
Author: Harutoshi Fukui
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Official site : http://www.gundam-unicorn.net/ (only in Japanese)

If you're a fan of Mobile Suit Gundam, you have probably heard of the new Gundam story, Mobile suite Gundam Unicorn.
This is a novel written by popular writer Harutoshi Fukui, who is the author of Shusen no Lorelei and Boukoku no Igisu etc.and a big fan of the Gundam world.
Gundam Unicorn started as a new serial novel in the monthly magazine Gundam Ace in 2006 and has subsequently been published as a book. 6 volumes of the book have been released so far and the story is continuing. It is a sad thing that we haven't got an English translated version yet.

Gundam Unicorn takes place in Gundam’s Universal Century. It is the original universe timeline of the Gundam anime series. U.C.(abbreviation of Universal Century) is usually used. The very first Gundam series (One Year War) takes place in U.C.0079, the second one (Gundam Z) in U.C.0087, the third one (Gundam ZZ) in U.C.0088, and Char's Counterattack in U.C.0093.
The novel of Gundam unicorn begins in U.C.0001, starting with the human immigration to the first space colony. The main story though takes place in U.C.0096. Recently released Gundam series such as Gundam Seed and Gundam 00 take place in their own universes/timelines. For example, the Gundam Seed timeline was in the Cosmic Era and Gundam 00 timeline is in the Dominical Year, which is the same as our real world. But this novel is a saga of the Universal Century. We have been expecting a story taking place in the Universal Century for long time.
Character designs are provided by Yoshikazu Kazuhiko, who also created the characters for the first Gundam and Gundam Z.
Mechanical designs are provided by Hajime Katoki.
Gundam Unicorn is a big present for the first Gundam generation who has become adults.

[Spoiler] the synopsis is as follows.
U.C.0001, a poor young terrorist named Siam Vist discovered a strange box during a terrorist activity at the space station "Laplace", an official residence of the Prime Minister of the Earth Federation. Later the box was called "Laplace's Box". No one knows what the box is for. It is secret. It is said that it has the power to overturn the world.
U.C.0096, when Barnage Lynx, a high school student living in the colony Industrial 7, meets a mysterious girl, Audley Burn, he gets involved in a conflict.
Neo Zeon, the Earth Federation and the Vist family are in a fight against each other centering on the Laplace's Box. During the battle, Barnage encounters a white mobile suite, Gundam Unicorn, and then his power as a New Type awakens.
What will happen next ? The story is continuing...

(Text by pastel blue)

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God never keeps silence by Hiroshi Yamamoto / 神々は沈黙せず 著者 山本弘

   "Does God exist ? "
If so, why is the world filled with disasters, terrible diseases and a lot of unhappiness ?
God has mighty power, doesn't he ?
Then why doesn't God try to save the world ?
Why has God been harassing people mercilessly for such a long time and why will continue it in the future ?
Doesn't God have a warm and gentle mind ?
Gods is never good.
Gods never knows human minds.
Gods never saves the world.

"God never keeps silence"
This is a book published in 2003.
The author is Hiroshi Yamamoto.
He is also famous as the chairman of The Society of TO, the purpose of which is to study crazy and maniac books, comics, goods and movies etc, including paranormal events.

The story is as follows:
Yuka Waku, the heroine of this story, lost her parents in an unreasonable disaster when she was a child. Because of this event, she couldn't believe in God. She worked for a magazine production compnay after graduating from a university. Two years later she left the company and became a freelance writer. She spied on a religious UFO cult to gather materials for her articles. One day she experienced a kind of paranormal event in which many lightening bolts were falling down from the sky. After this, she began to have an interest in other paranormal events and wonder if God actually does exist somewhere.
On the other hand, her elder brother, Ryousuke became an AI researcher and made a very popular simulation game of evolution using a method of genetic algorithms. He couldn't believe God as well. One day he saw a UFO and began to gather any information of paranormal events of the world that he could and tried to explain them theoretically as a scientist. He came up with the hypothesis that our universe was a simulation game of evolution played by someone with a high level of intelligence who was called God. According to Ryosuke's hypothesis, God seemed to expose us to a lot of paranormal events in order to show us his own existence.
If God has a real existence, why is the world filled with disasters, terrible diseases and a lot of unhappiness ? Why doesn't God save the world ? Is God good or not ? Yuka and Ryousuke had not been able to find an answer yet.
In 2012, suddenly God began to reveal his true character. The world fell into a mess. Paranormal events increased day by day. Scientists proved that the universe was only in a simulation system. They said there was nothing outside the solar system. Ryosuke proceeded to upgrade AI and finally found the answer to why God didn't save the world. Then at the same time he went missing. The answer was really simple. It has already been written in the Old Testament.

   The idea that God is a game player and simulates the world is not a fresh and original one. However, the explanation that God's simulations are expanding on a global scale is very interesting. This book deals with a massive amount of information about religion, evolution, AI, virtual reality and actual supernatural events such as UFOs, fafrotskies (fall from the skies), ESP and ghosts. And the collapsing political situation of Japanese government and the world economic crisis described in this novel are so similar to the condition of recent actual world.
Hiroshi Yamamoto combines fiction and non-fiction and succeeds to give this near-future novel in the 2010's a real taste. When reading the book, you get the feeling that it is the real world.

   What would you think about God after finishing this book ?
Will you still believe in God ?
On the last page, Yuka said, “I believe that humans can walk the path of righteousness without God.”
This is a happy ending.
                               (text by pastel blue)

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In 1984, the album "DISILLUSION" was released by
LOUDNESS. LOUDNESS is a famous Japanese Heavy Metal Band.
"DISILLUSION" is their 4th album. They debuted in 1981,
and with "DISILLUSION" their sound style fully matured.
The first song of this album, "CRAZY DOCTOR", really
brings to mind H.G.Wells's "The Island of Dr. Moreau".
And it's a hot song with a heavy guitar riff that even
today is considered one of their defining songs. And
there are also other songs on the album with strong
SF/Fantasy connections such as "ESPER","MILKY WAY", and

(Text by Tomoki)
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"Space Marine Force" Gigas

"Space Marine Force" Gigas
Uchu Kaiheitai Gigas
Author: Bin Konno
A6size 266pages. Not translated into English

About the Author:
Bin Konnno has been publishing a wide-range of
stories since 1978. He has been wrighting not only SF but
also police fiction and mysteries, including 2
award-wining books :"Inpei Sousa (The Investigation in
Disguise)" which won the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New
Writers (2006), "Kadan-Inpei Sousa2 (Decisiveness)" which
one the Yamamoto Shugoro Award (2008) and Mystery Writers
of Japan award (2008). He is known as huge fan of Gundam.
He also published the Z Gundam spin-off Novel "Titans No
Hata No Moto Ni (Under the Banner of Titans)"

Story Description
The Earth coalition faces an uphill battle against
the insurgents who emerged from colonial rule in Jovian
system. They decided to bring
out their newest weapon, code-named "G" for "Gigas". The
pilot is a young intelligence officer, Leana Sean Mizuki.
The force members felt disturbed about the recruitment of
female pilot, but they soon learn how quick she could
control the Gigas. They felt that they would open up a new
dimension for space battle. However, no one knows the
truth about why Leana came and why the Jupiterians
launched an offensive against the Earth.

(Reviewer: Chie)
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Ryu Murakami "Kibou no kuni no Exodus" 「希望の国のエクソダス」村上龍

Ryu Murakami sets his novel "Kibou no kuni no Exodus" in
the near future (A.D.2000).

The story:
Japan had entered a recession after the bursting of
the nation's asset-inflation economic bubble. Behaviour
problems and group truancy broke out among Japan's junior
high school students. One Japanese boy named "Namamugi"
showed up in Pashtun, the area that exists in the
borderland belt of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Junior high
school students influenced by his way of life caused a
revolt in Japanese society.

At first, adults did not understand the situation.
Soon the students came to realise that just not coming to
school would not change anything so they returned with the
purpose of changing the schools. However, they were
excluded by adults. Then a leader showed up from among
junior high school students. He was a boy named KUSUDA
JOHICHI, nicknamed "Pon-chan".

He was not specially chosen to be the leader however.
Something he did at his private middle school made him
into a symbol for the truant junior high school students.
The incident was his capturing and "executing" the
principle of the school. He did not actually kill the
principle though. Instead he showed that the principal
had politically become a corpse by shooting a target that
he had placed on the Principal's bottom.

They established an organisation named "ASUNARO"
afterwards and develop it as a business. The purpose of
ASUNARO was for them to become economically independent in
order to evade dangers to their lives caused by being
bound to the same old school system and Japanese society.
After they acquired money, they built further equity by
producing a monetary crisis. Finally, the undertook an
"Exodus" from Japanese society to establish an independent
country in Hokkaido.

This novel was published in 2000. Japan had actually
fallen into an economic crisis. And now again we are in
another economic crisis like then.
Ryu Murakami is insisting in the novel that "It is foolish
not to think in a crisis. " Adults had stopped thinking,
and were grumbling things like "Back in the good in old
times...". But children had a sense of the crisis.
Adults did not indicate the future that we should live in.
Japan had become a country of the adults who were just
frustrated and crushed, so the children fled. The
children of "ASUNARO" that found community connected with
the world. But their appearance was somehow sad. By
themselves, the children who were not able to have adults
who acted as examples for them could do nothing but cut
tomorrow open. Japan today is in the same state as when
this novel was published. Not much has changed.
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